• 8″ Tall
  • Upright Rig Design: Vertical Inline Downstem
  • Drum Perc
  • Bent Neck
  • Includes 14mm Banger

Summoned from the depths of the waves, the Kraken rises to serve you! Dopezilla has unveiled a new mythology-inspired water pipe for your enjoyment, joining the ranks of such pipes as the Cyclops and Hydra. Dopezilla’s 8″ Kraken Rig is very similar to the Basilisk in that it’s a upright bubbler-style rig with a vertical downstem that comes down from the top and into a barrel perc. What sets the Kraken apart is the shape of its body, which acts like a whirlpool to spin and circulate the water inside, and its hourglass shape works like a splash guard to keep the water contained.

The vertical, inline downstem on this pipe is slightly set off of center to give it a very unique look, yet balanced between the bent banger hanging off the top and the bent neck rising from the opposite side.

Every Kraken Rig includes a 14mm banger for use right out of the box.

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